Julia Morgan


Julia Morgan


Get to know me

I am a dedicated designer and visual communicator with a passion for powerful branding and a love for all things beauty.

I have experience as a key contributor within many creative teams where I have increased my design skills, as well as my knowledge within the beauty industry. 

With a love for the beauty industry, I am continuing my career working in this field creating high quality work. I have had many opportunities within L’Oreal through internships and collaborative projects at SCAD that have confirmed my love for this industry, and it is ultimately where I plan to make a life-long career. 

My goal as a designer is to create experiences for people that create delight and joy in the most effective way possible. I enjoy projects that challenge me and teach me new skills. I had the experience to work within a hard-working, creative team at Urban Decay Cosmetics as a package designer where I was able to expand my knowledge in design and expertise within the beauty industry. 

Currently, I am a Junior Graphic Designer at Cremo Company. I joined the Cremo Company marketing team as the first in-house designer, where I work alongside the Creative Director to design the graphics and packaging for new products, gift sets, and in-store displays. I also help update old artwork with new ingredients, print/production specs, and refine old designs to maintain the Cremo brand voice. 


Contact: juliamorgan133@gmail.com